When the curses of growing up attack four students at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, they suddenly wonder how they can even go on! Patrick can't hit the high notes like he used to, Jessie's breaking out, Harper's developing feelings for a classmate, and poor Joe has been left in the dust, unable to grow at the same rate as his quickly-developing peers. Making things all the more stressful is the added pressure of the middle school dance, which is looming right around the corner. From crushes to zits, to hair in new places, these tweens will have to musically dodge each pubescent bullet and ensure that peak awkwardness is avoided before this most special of nights.

Puberty the Musical is a two hour, full-length musical, written specifically for High School and University age performers. The show features a large, diverse cast of over 18 characters, and is sure to delight audiences at any stage in their physical development.